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Lecture at University of Ghent

Last week, I had the pleasure to participate in the Intensive Program (IP) held at the University of Ghent (Belgium). An IP is a short program of study which brings together students and staff from higher education institutions of at least three European countries.

It was great to explain the basics of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems among more than 30 students form Spain (Tecnocampus), Germany (Fachhochschule Hof), Finland (North Karelia University of Applied Sciences Joensuu), and the University of Ghent itself. It is also a great opportunity for them to get in touch with other countries.

I first gave a 1-hour overview of ERP systems, after which the students had some time to read a Harvard case about Cisco implementing ERP. After discussing in groups from different nationalities and backgrounds, we gathered all the views and put them together to analyze how difficult it is to implement ERP and shortlisted the best practices in this kind of implementations.

Here you can download the slides.

Written by Diego Bartolome

29/02/2012 a 13:42

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