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Doing everything that comes to you because of money and saying yes all the time to potential clients will lead you to failure. You started the company because you believed in your idea and in your team, and their potential. So if you start doing several things at a time, your objectives will blur, your team will have less motivation, and your potentially successful start-up will fail. No doubt about it.

Focus. Focus. Focus. Do one thing at a time and try to make it work as hard as you can. If it doesn’t, don’t stick to what you thought was great, pivot and try again until you can, or until the market accepts your proposals. Don’t play several games at a time, your energy is limited and you are human. Too much is not good for your health.

So thing big and start small. Focus. And pivot if necessary. But fight for your objectives, one after the other.

Written by Diego Bartolome

22/08/2012 a 08:42

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