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Exit strategies

At the beginning of our company, we presented our project in front of investors, in contests, to the media, and we got to know a number of start-ups. Some of them are doing really great now, and some disappeared. But that’s life.

I still remember those whose clear exit strategy was being acquired. Sure, it is a good point in one’s life when someone else values what you have done and is willing to buy the company you created. But starting the company willing to sell from day -1  is radically different. You need to do something first, have the connections in the vertical you are addressing, and grow fast, much faster than you might be able to handle.

You will do things just to put your company in a better position of being acquired, rather than giving something valuable to your clients. It tells lots of things about the founding members.

What you should do is focus on having fun with what you are doing. Money will come.

Written by Diego Bartolome

28/08/2012 a 14:22

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