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Big and small

In Spain, people love big companies, they try to work there as if they were the only option besides public administrations. I can understand why. They soon get a nice salary, with no big troubles, so that they are soon settled in their confort zone. Once you are in, it’s hard to get out, though. If you are an intra-entrepreneur, it can take ages to start your world-changing ambitious project! Otherwise, you manage your space (people and money) and defend it with passion.

Small companies in this country tend to pay less although work is never boring, you won’t even have time to go into Facebook. You develop your skills and learn continuously, the team is like a family, and maybe in the long term, if the company grows, you’ll be leading. Although, wait, it can fail as well. But this will give you real learning. Your resumé will thank you if you make this choice.

Big or small. Do or think of doing. Ages or minutes. Interesting or boring. Active or passive. You choose.

Written by Diego Bartolome

29/08/2012 a 14:08

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