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Don’t listen to everyone

You start. You do not fear being copied so you explain your idea to many people. And people tell you lots of things, some of them might be useful and others not. You listen to everyone and then you have a more complete picture. Sure? No! Many people tell their opinions, but they do not know a thing about you or your business. Don’t listen to them, they’ll puzzle you.

Who should you look for? Explain your idea mainly to potential clients, they will be telling if what you are doing is worth. Tell your parents and grandparents about what you are doing in a simple way, it will make you refine your pitch. If you cannot explain what you do in less then 30 seconds in a clear way, you won’t sell.

Try to balance doing with explaining. Both are important.

Written by Diego Bartolome

03/09/2012 a 09:51

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