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New experiences

One of my daughters started on Wednesday school. Some kids cried on Wednesday a lot. Others kept on crying on Thursday and Friday as well.

Maybe they don’t like school, although at three they basically play, especially the first days. So maybe they feel their parents are nervous. Or in some cases, their parents do not like school. Or it was a surprise for them to shift from holidays to school. Or their parents disappear and their grandparents take them to this big new place. Or it’s because the kids really prefer doing other things. Or they miss the nursery. Or any other reason.

Anyway, the point is that kids need to be told that they will be doing something new, with new friends, where they’ll have fun, and it will be a great experience for them to learn and grow. Much better than the nursery for toddlers! Some kids might require only one explanation, others one hundred. Be patient.

Back to your business reality … If you know that in your company something will happen, good or bad, tell your team, explain how it will change everyone’s life, prepare them, try to understand their fears and hopes, and be close to everyone in that new situation. Do not hurry. Everything will be much easier. And better.

Written by Diego Bartolome

14/09/2012 a 11:33

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