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You’re not unique

It might seem to you that you are building a unique product, with no competition, and a huge market potential. You might also think you have a strong team, and the financials look great in the Excel file. But you are not unique. The world is full of alternatives. I won’t buy from you just because you are great, but rather because I really need what you do.

The first thing I’ll do if I have a pain your product can solve is to look for alternatives. What are the options out there that fulfill my needs, i.e. relieve that pain. I will put all the products in a category, and will analyze the trade-offs among price, performance, and any other key parameters that are important for my organization. Based on the results, I will decide what is the best thing I can do. One of the options is always do nothing.

If the client will do this, you must do it first. Anticipate yourself. Be prepared. And work hard against non-consumption.

Written by Diego Bartolome

17/09/2012 a 09:07

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