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We face problems every single day of our business life. Most of the problems in organizations arise because we are people. And people in your company have fears, hopes, their own way of working, different personalities, needs, and some things you will never know. As companies grow, the number of problems also rises, and its nature starts becoming a political battle. Try to avoid them.

Whenever something comes up, deal with it asap. Don’t defer it. In your small organization that some day will be a big player, if you start ignoring what happens, in the future you risk your competitive advantage and survival. Ignoring what surrounds you is not a good idea. Getting too personally involved isn’t either. But rather try to make the sources of the issue confident and self-sufficient to find a solution. This will make the difference in the future.

Remember: everyone is on the same path. Either you move as a group or you lose.

Written by Diego Bartolome

20/09/2012 a 09:33

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