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You start looking for opportunities, but you get no response from potential clients. No response at all. It makes you nervous. People tend not to respond emails, since we are getting so much information everyday. I hate it, and even now, I’m giving answer to any query I receive. It’s just being polite. A simple we are not interested now is enough. Or send me more info, please. When you start, you try to answer fast to make things happen, but especially corporate clients are not at all in a hurry. Before buying, people want to see if what you propose might be beneficial for them. If their peers trust you. Remember that markets are conversations. And the early-adopters are only a small fraction of the market. Look for them. And convince that your product is awesome. Facts. Not words. And establish dialogues with every person you can. You will improve more if you do this instead of being in silence.

Written by Diego Bartolome

04/10/2012 a 15:51

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