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As a startup founder, you attend a high number of events. But what for? They are useless of you don’t prepare. First of all, think of the reasons why you are going, decide if the event is worth the time or not. This includes the programme, the speakers, the attendees, and anything that can have an impact on your business. Networking just for fun is great when your time is not limited, but when you have tons of things to do, you need to focus to what adds value to your venture. Thinking that something great will happen just because you go is not the reason to attend. If you work hard to make it happen instead, it will be. Maybe the partner you need is there, or it will bring you the chance to have a brief chat with that potential investor. Or it is the optimum place to find clients. You should know. In Silicon Valley things happen differently, but depending on your city, you might find the same people in every event. So you will get to know them quite easily. Prioritize.

Written by Diego Bartolome

10/10/2012 a 09:30

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