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Some steps

Don’t talk too much, let others talk instead. Just be open to listen to them. Listen carefully what they say, and try to figure out what they don’t say. Don’t see what surrounds you, but rather observe with passion and try to think about a way to improve things. Get your hands dirty, and prototype, make minimum viable products out of your ideas. Otherwise, they are worthless. Get out of your building, walk the way, and find clients. Selling is more important than ideas or prototypes. What you do has to be known, otherwise it doesn’t exist. People need to trust what you say, they will judge you because of the things you do. They will observe you. They will listen to you. And once they decide something, it will be hard to change, so be humble and realistic. And work even harder than you expected.

Written by Diego Bartolome

15/10/2012 a 16:18

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