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Environment analysis

The analysis of the environment is key for start-ups. Before building something, take a look at what is already available. Analyze. Think. Differentiate yourself. And then apply lean and agile methodologies to try to reach success. Porter already developed a framework to analyze the attractiveness of an industry, which he linked to his famous 5 competitive forces: the industry rivalry, the threat of new entrants, the substitute products/services, the buyer power, and the supplier power. With that, and more modern tools such as the business model canvas and the lean startup methodologies, you can design and build your company with lots of time but just a few bucks in your pocket. Don’t create the business plan masterpiece, but rather go to the point. Be concise. And start developing soon. Build fast. Find clients asap. Rebuild. Iterate. Iterate. Iterate.

Written by Diego Bartolome

23/10/2012 a 18:43

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