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You are doing great things. You are trying to chage the world. Not the world in capital letters, but just the world of some people/companies. And that’s a great objective. In the end, you will also try to improve the WORLD. Often, you are asked about competitors, and you should have an eye on them, not only those doing the same, but also companies doing similar things, big corporations who can easily do what you are working on, and in general, anyone who might be looking at the market you are in. But don’t overestimate them and try to copy their ideas. Just stick to your own. And try to make them prevail. Try to improve your last step, your last product, your last service. If you start thinking that others are doing a better job than you do, maybe it’s time to pivot or quit. Think twice before taking any step forward, though.

Written by Diego Bartolome

05/11/2012 a 09:22

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