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I’m not on strike

At SMEs, we work hard to change a little part of the world.

I think that there are better ways to show that you  are dissatisfied or you don’t agree with some things governments, banks, or other stakeholders from the Establishment. The answer should never be punishing other citizens like you.

Why don’t you focus and try to really bother those that should be aware that you feel really unhappy?

Don’t let politicians talk, or make their words silent, for a day, or even for some weeks. This would be a real punishment. If you are against the government for raising taxes, don’t pay them. If you don’t agree with banks, put the money in a safer place. Don’t trust them and make them suffer as they are doing to many families. There is the concrete task that works seamless for every claim. Find it, and focus on it, one at a time, revolution will come.

But if you do any of the previous actions alone, it won’t have consequences, you have to coordinate millions. And that’s real work. It’s not something that can be done from one day to the other. It’s much easier the way unions propose nowadays, but it’s not effective. So maybe unions are not doing a great job either.

It’s up to you. What is really powerful?

Written by Diego Bartolome

14/11/2012 a 09:38

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