Retazos conectados

Escritos de Diego Bartolomé para acompañar a la vida


The world now changes fast. So fast we don’t even notice many things that happen. Reinvention shall be part of our DNA. Otherwise, we will be stuck in our past and we won’t deliver value in the future. Reinvention is related to continuous learning and improvement, and don’t getting stuck in the old-fashioned way of doing things, but rather changing the point of view often. Don’t do just sales, or just production, or project management, but rather get several views of things and try to think out of the box. This can only be accomplished if your experencie is broad, if you have been able to reinvent yourself in the past, preferably if you have chosen it, but also if life has made it. Don’t stop and cry in that case. Just reinvent yourself and keep moving.

Written by Diego Bartolome

19/11/2012 a 15:32

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