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Long term

Today, at the Nordic Translation Industry Forum (NTIF) 2012 I’m attending, I’ve seen a great presentation by Matthew Ogden from LEGO. One of the most inspiring sentences of his great presentation was related to their impressive increase in revenue, being now the second largest manufacturer of play materials. They didn’t want to be the first, but rather being the best in what they do, experiences for kids. This is a long term view that inspires. In fact, Matthew wanted to work for LEGO already when he was 5, so language and play have converged and now he loves what he does. His presentation full of great user designs, and in fact people love their (little) pieces. If you focus in the long term, great results will come. If you just look at your quarterly revenue, I’m sure it will increase. But at what cost?

Written by Diego Bartolome

23/11/2012 a 14:14

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