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Quality, what is quality?

People have different measures on quality. For instance, in the translation industry I’m in, the view of quality from the end client perspective differs to what LSPs deliver, and what freelance translators would lik to. And this is a hard task. If you don’t agree on what the output should be, the tasks won’t be carried out as you expect, on any stakeholder. But I’m sure about one thing: if the clients want 50%, don’t give them 90%, your efforts will be wasted and you’ll be disappointed. Most of the disruptive innovations come into the market because most of the clients don’t need at all most of the features you have added into your product or service from the beginning. Think about that, and focus on work that delivers value. In any industry, the other tasks are just waste.

Written by Diego Bartolome

23/11/2012 a 14:20

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