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No more time

There comes a time where you have done all you could do. You have no time. Your resources have been invested. It’s the show. Now people will look at your products and decide if they are worth. It’s not a matter of you. It depends on them.

Even if your product is great, you have to prove it. Maybe you are the best professional, but nobody knows you yet. You need to invest in marketing. You need to go out of the building. You need to talk, seduce, and convice. The purchase shall be done now. Don’t delay the buying decision. You depend on it.

However if things don’t go well, don’t worry, pivot and try to find your way. The good thing about entrepreneurship is that it never ends. There always be problems to solve.

One last thing. Have fun and enjoy. Everything will be allright.

Written by Diego Bartolome

14/12/2012 a 14:40

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