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Two basics for business

Maths and languages.

Maths help you understand how your business goes, they are a powerful tool to analyze opportunities. Without maths, your power is diluted because in many cases, you won’t have the reasons why you defend your ideas. Maths make you reason.It’s not a matter of saying my business is about art, but rather a practical approach to your business life (among others).

On the other hand, language is the key to communicate how great you are. If you cannot ellaborate a good speech, you won’t be able to convice potential partners, clients, employees, or providers to give you better conditions. Language implies also writing well. Your chances of succeeding are significantly higher if your written words are clear, sound, and direct to the point. And without any kind of errors.

Once you have these basics, most of the rest is an art.

Written by Diego Bartolome

19/12/2012 a 11:19

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