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We tend not to like change. If something works, we keep on using it, even if we are aware of the innovations in the industry, and we really would like to use that new stuff that has entered the market and everybody seems to be using. That’s one of the reason why, in technology, the second mover might have more advantage than the first mover.

The first mover has to create the need for the solution. She has to spend time and money in convincing early adopters, in showing the advantages of what they do. Even, in some cases they forget product development because market development is far more important.  And that’s the point where a new entrant comes in and benefits from all the work that has already been done.

If the proposal by this company is more focused on the returns that the solution will bring to the users, she will gain market share quite fast. No longer are the early adopters being convinced, but rahter the innovators that already see that the product will position themselves ahead of the market. These are really the most valuable customers. They drive the industry ahead.

Focus on a vertical, and be fast.

Written by Diego Bartolome

28/12/2012 a 12:01

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