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On cooperation

I’ve seen many companies that want to cooperate only when they are starting, mainly because of financial reasons. They cannot afford paying the services of the other party. But also because they might need users or products to get traction. Sometimes, they offer their services for free to achieve a huge user base that allows them achieve some investment. Rarely these clients turn into paying clients. Don’t fool yourself. Don’t lie to your investors.

Cooperation is really valuable when it’s good for both companies, when you share the long term vision, and you have empathy with the other party. Besides, the business models shall not collide, but rather be complementary, so that you can share valuable information. The goal is to get new clients in markets where you wouldn’t have them by yourself, or develop new technologies that will disrupt the market, or any other ambitious objective. In the process, fluent communication is one of the keys to success.

Written by Diego Bartolome

04/01/2013 a 10:35

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