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Escritos de Diego Bartolomé para acompañar a la vida


Sometimes, I receive emails from business development people asking for cooperation. But in fact, it’s not cooperation at all, they just want to sell their services. When I propose them using our machine translation services because if they could be valuable to them, they usually never get back. Why? Their intention was just selling. It’s clear. Obvious.

I strongly feel that they are choosing the wrong words for their proposal. If you want to sell, don’t start with words that do not reflect the real proposal. Be clear, direct, and humble. Cooperation is another thing. Win-win does not mean you selling, but the other party getting a pain solved. First, try to understand what I do and ask relevant questions.

And the worst thing is that they are in the business of language, so it’s not a way to start building trust.

Written by Diego Bartolome

11/01/2013 a 14:07

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