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Qualifying opportunities

I’m reading Let’s get real or let’s not play, a very interesting book on sales. One of the first chapters is about qualifying opportunities, and the authors give the following key questions to guide a conversation with a client:

  • What are all of the issues the solutions is intended to resolve? In what priority?
  • What’s letting you know it’s a problem?
  • What’s the impact on the business? Financial and intangible costs and benefits.
  • How would you measure success?
  • What is the payoff is success is achieved?
  • Who or what else is affected?
  • What’s the big picture?
  • What has stopped the organization from resolving this in the past?
  • Did I get it right? Did I leave anything out?

Certainly, a conversation with a potential client shall deal with all this!

Written by Diego Bartolome

14/01/2013 a 13:57

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