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Let’s get real or let’s not play

I’ve read this book and I think it gives useful insights for selling. I want to share a summary on how to initiate new opportunities.

In order to initiate new sales contacts, do fewer, but better, i.e. prioritize: invest 95% of your time on 5% of the prospects.

Then prepare, and get in-depth knowledge of the people and the company, with a business case hypothesis: potential issues, evidence, impact, context, constraints. Go to a meeting with a plan, always have a end in mind.

Personalize: it’s much better to get a referral than cold calling.

Practice, practice, and practice, especially to potential questions and yellow lights.

Pre-position: get agreement in advance for what will be a good use of time.

Written by Diego Bartolome

22/01/2013 a 23:31

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