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Lead by questions

Sometimes we think that the boss is the one that has the right view of something, and we tend to shut up when she is talking, even if we disagree. But in the current economy, that can be a sign that your company is going to die soon.

The boss doesn’t have the complete information, so her decisions will be biased, and other colleagues might be the experts in the topic. Besides, discussing to reach together a better solution that the one that anyone could come up with alone is the adequate process to lead your company to success. Nothing personal. Just the best for the company.

The great leader has to lead by questions, not by answers. Instead of providing the truth, she shall lead her colleagues to the truth by questioning their assumptions and posing the right questions. My favourite one is Why, many times. But don’t ask questions with an implicit or explicit answer. Then, the method won’t be valid.

Written by Diego Bartolome

01/02/2013 a 09:17

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