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Why now?

Jason Calacanis just published the main question Sequoia VCs ask founders of start-ups. Why now? Every product or service has a best-suited point in time where the chances of achieving success increase significantly. Is that the moment for you?

This question already assumes that you are doing what you love, and that you excel at it, much better than the others. It’s also assuming that you have a serious business model behind your idea, and that the market is huge enough for a VC to be interested.I’m sure they want you to have some clients/users as well. You could have all this, but your moment could be in some years or months. Many companies have created great things too early!

In this, I feel that the second mover advantage is important. Being the first might not guarantee success. Good luck!


Written by Diego Bartolome

22/02/2013 a 14:13

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