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EliaND Munich

I was in Germany on May 2nd to attend my second Elia ND conference, which had a very interesting schedule. unfortunately, I could only make it on Thursday, but it was a great opportunity to learn new things, talk to friends, and also meet new ones.

Diego @ EliaNDWe had a presentation on our fruitful cooperation with Nova Language Services, which you can find here. The main idea we wanted to share was that another model for an LSP is needed, and in order to reach that point, a cooperation strategy might be relevant to sustain your competitive advantage. You can’t do everything on your own. After I introduced the theoretical framework for business model generation based on lean start-up principles, Guillem reviewed the three main outcomes for Machine Translation, our API, and fast social media translation. In case you are interested, let us know.

Looking forward to the next conference in Malta!

(btw, thanks Renato Beninatto for the photo)

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06/05/2013 a 14:59

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