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2013 ATC Conference

Being at the ATC Conference was fun. Lots of things learned and many new people met. I believe that this is one of the most important points when you go to conferences, learning and sharing. Those events that enable it are a success, you have them all in your mind.

I presented “New Business Models for the Translation Industry” (almost 700 views in 2 weeks!) which tried to challenge the status quo and propose new business models that enable Language Service Providers (LSPs) evolve, or even not die in the future. Any industry that does not adapt itself and addresses the needs from the customers will risk its future positioning. Newcomers and disruptors will take the lead and others will be forgotten.

It was interesting to see the reaction from freelance translators to the last slide, which intends to start a debate about the future, to see if a 0.00 price per word could exist in this industry. Of course, I’m not stating that freelancers won’t be paid, or that machine translation will take the lead, but rather that LSPs and other companies shall try to find innovative ways to generate more revenue. Much more than now, which will ultimately be benefical for all the translation and localization value chain.

It’s obvious that good translations have an impact on sales. Good human translation is more important than ever. And more content is to be translated. The future is yours, you choose.

Written by Diego Bartolome

15/10/2013 at 13:19

Running in Boston for the ALC Conference

Running in Boston

A couple of days ago I was in Boston, for the Association of Language Companies (ALC) annual conference. It was a great event, both in terms of content and networking. You can find my presentation here, and I also enjoyed a couple of others, that I will summarize soon here.

However, the objective of this post is to show this image I received from Don Shin from 1-stop translation. I run three days there, two of them alone because it was really early in the morning or late afternoon, but the best day was when I could share the training with Don, Saoussanne, and Lynn. Next time, more!

Life is about the people you meet and the things you do with them.

Of course I missed my other team members such as Robert, Tea, and Reinhard, with whom Miami was much more fun.

Who wants to join?

Written by Diego Bartolome

28/05/2013 at 12:53

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TMS Inspiration Days in Krakow

I was last Thursday and Friday in Krakow for the TMS Inspiration Days, which was a fruitful experience. The first day was about sales, business models, coaching, and scaling the company, and I found it really interesting. The main outcome: define a sales process at your company so as not to be so dependant on people. The second day was more technical, but good to learn how important are ERPs such as XTRF for the translation industry. Although there might be some learning curve, then you can only cut down costs and increase margin by automation.

Diego Bartolomé in KrakowI didn’t talk about machine translation (MT) this time, but rather about business models, how to analyze yours, define where you want to go, and then plan the actions to go from one point to the next one. It is the first time I give this talk in an industry conference, since in GALA Miami it was part of the KnowledgeFest. Of course, there are things where I can improve, but the general feeling was that the tool is useful for boosting your business. All together, we analyzed an example to transition from an SLV to an MLV, a challenging change.

I also run before each conference day, this time alone, 10 km on Thursday morning and 10.5km on Friday. I enjoy this way to see the city, Krakow’s river (Vistula) is an impressive zone to go running.

Good to get to know all of you!

Update (May 2013): You can find the photos of the event here.

Written by Diego Bartolome

21/04/2013 at 22:42

GALA Miami 2013

Last week, I attended GALA 2013 Conference in Miami, my first year as Board Member. Last year in Monaco I already enjoyed the learn & share environment, so I was expecting the event, in spite of the high number of trips I have already plan for first semester 2013. The next ones: Krakow for the TMS Inspiration Days, Munich for ELIA ND, and Boston for the ALC conference. And Localization World London and TAUS Executive Forum are also interesting events to go, I hope I can make it.

Everything started on Friday evening, with an informal dinner with the Board Members that were already there, Hans, Fabiano, and Robert. It was nice! And then we saw also Joël and Terena, who arrived later that day. It wasn’t until the next day when we met Veronique, and Kim came later on Sunday. A pleasure spending time with these great people who are leading the Association. The Board meeting was the chance to get to know them better and discuss the present and future of  the organization. I think that listening to everyone’s opinions will lead to the optimum choices! We are the voice of the industry.

GALA 2013On Sunday, we had a wonderful opening reception, where everyone could start socializing and meeting the +250 attendees. I think that this social events are great to relax and talk without the business pressure with all the people. Without them, GALA conferences will be just another conference, but the unique venues combined with the high number of breaks allow to meet a higher number of people tan in other places. People that are eager to learn, improve, and share experiences. In this sense, the Speed Networking was also impressive, but the most interesting place was the boat for the dinner. Socializing with a nice view on Miami is something we wil never forget.

The program was impressive as well, congrats to the committee. I could attend a high number of outstanding sessions. I learned a lot. I shared also some experience. Together with Seprotec, we presented a new approach for Spanish into Latin American Spanish that was enjoyed by the attendees. It’s not the classical machine translation system, but a new approach to reduce the costs of approaching the Latin American market. The presentation is available here.

One of the things I bring home is that the industry is changing at a fast speed. Technology is driving most of these changes, but others are related to processes, to sales, or to business focus. Even, giving a higher appeal to what others have been doing for several years might lead your company to  success, as Hogarth showed us, while some attendees complained. The key is showing the value of what you do. And finding those customers that are willing to pay for it. The battle of the price per word is over. The battle of new value propositions is just starting. It’s up to you to start moving into that direction. Find the converge of what you can be the best at, your passion, and what can generate revenue with high profit. Then, just move fast. Very fast.

We could see this on the KnowledgeFest that was held on Wednesday. Sales and Marketing tables were full of people willing to learn, to enhance the way they are doing business. In this sense, my proposal on business model generation also fits there, as a tool to plan strategically before starting. Maybe GALA is not the place to do business, but to improve your business. And this session outdoors helped us broaden our strategic view on the industry and the operations of our companies. I think it was very valuable.

By the way, the 6:45 running sessions with friends (Robert, Véronique, Reinhard, Tea, Lucia, and Don) were the perfect start of the day! Thank you. And thanks as well to Allison, Amy, Laura, Doreen, and Hans, for a great conference. Bravo. Next year: Istanbul.

To do note: improve our sales process in our main target area for 2013.

Written by Diego Bartolome

25/03/2013 at 22:55

End of the year

and these are the things we’ve done during the semester at tauyou <language technology>.

Have a great 2013! It depends on you.

Written by Diego Bartolome

31/12/2012 at 09:49

Tekom 2011

Last week, I had the chance to present at Tekom, one of the biggest conferences in the localization industry, thanks to the proposal
submitted by one of our clients. We tried to give some insights into the integration of a macine translation tool into a medium-size Language Service Provider (LSP). And I think it was worthwhile, because a number of issues arised after our talk, e.g. how clients perceive machine translation, if translators are paid by the hour or per word, for which language pairs and domains it is best-suited to apply those technologies, which is the throughput per day for a normal translator, etc. Besides, we had the chance to present our terminology extraction tools, as well as our quality check report for the translation industry.

I was impressed big the size of the event, and by the language spoken. Many booths had the materials in German and some people did not even speak English, although there were many interesting products and services that could be sold throughout the world. In particular, I learned a lot from the authoring perspective, which is a market we are addressing now with our natural language processing tools. Since the most powerful technology brands are German, the authoring is primarily done in that country either in English or German. And the industry is several steps ahead of what is being done in Spain. No worries, we are good at other fields within the sector.

This made me think about the importance of the environment to succeed globally. It makes no sense when countries and governments try to create a market or an industry out of nothing. If you have the seeds, trees can grow, otherwise all your efforts will be futile.

Written by Diego Bartolome

28/10/2011 at 00:33

Conferencia de Proz en Barcelona

Por segundo año consecutivo he podido participar en la Conferencia de Proz en Barcelona, que este año ha cumplido su tercer aniversario. Ha sido una gran conferencia sobre Aspectos Práticos de la Traducción, donde grandes expertos como Rubén de la Fuente, Xosé Castro, Marco Cevoli o Sergio Alasia, entre otros, han compartido su conocimiento con más de un centenar de traductores.

Así como el año pasado hice un repaso de los sistemas de traducción automática a lo largo de la historia, este año he enfatizado más el aspecto de negocio de la profesión, reivindicando un plan de negocio para los traductores como profesionales freelance y que preparen bien su elevator pitch para impactar en los potenciales clientes. Este debilidad de planificación como negocio y de cierto desdén por los aspectos de planificación financiera no es sólo característica de los traductores sino también de muchos profesionales expertos en sus materias pero poco versados en los aspectos empresariales.

Os dejo aquí el enlace a la presentación (Transparencias Diego Bartolomé – Congreso Barcelona 2010 Proz), bastante práctica y con buenos elevator pitch de los asistentes, que sirvió para remarcar que esos 60 segundos son consecuencia de un trabajo previo importante de desarrollo de un plan de negocio. No vale improvisar ni prometer aquello que no puedes cumplir, sino profundizar en nuestras fortalezas para conseguir nuestros objetivos de negocio.

Aprendí mucho también en mi ponencia, y me gustó el feedback que recibí, que siempre sirve para mejorar para próximas ocasiones.

Gracias Proz y Milega, y ¡hasta la próxima!

Written by Diego Bartolome

15/11/2010 at 12:29

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