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Learning by creating

When we were young, in most cases we didn’t learn by doing. Instead, we had big classes where our professors went, spoke, did some exercises, and left without a word. I was a good student, but in some courses, I didn’t even have the chance to talk to them.

I remember my practice course being something that used to be new ten years ago. <geekpart>In the age of Java, we were learning a program made by a professor that is now dead. Instead of 3G, we were studying analog television. At the time of WiFi products, we weren’t dealing with LTE.</geekpart>

I’m sure we learnt the basics. But we forgot to talk to people, work in groups, write deliverables to show our work, which should have been accomplished through milestones…

Now where I teach entrepreneurship, I think the students will learn much more if they fight for their objectives, they create a product or service, and iterate until they find potential clients. It’s not easy, I know, and in four months it’s complicated to reach to a high level. But it’s just the start. I’m sure you will enjoy all the journey. It’s not a matter of making money. Just do it.

And the most important, have fun with it.

Good luck on Friday!

Written by Diego Bartolome

13/12/2012 at 21:52

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